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Double Edge Safety Razor - R1 by Rockwell

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Did you know that 2 billion razors are estimated to be thrown away EVERY YEAR in the US?

That's a crazy amount of waste. And it might be why the razor could be winning first prize for the most wasteful item in the bathroom.

Enter the double edge safety razor...

With this razor, you can swap your razor blades so you don't have to throw them away and add to those 2 billion other razors in the landfill.

The R1 makes it nearly impossible to cut yourself, while providing and incredibly smooth shave.

This double edge safety razor by Rockwell is the perfect razor to get started with double-edge shaving.

Benefits of double edge safety razors:

  • Razors use single, masterfully honed blades. Customers report less razor bumps and ingrown hairs since making the switch
  • Single blade = better shave. Dermatologists have proven that multi-blade razors significantly increase the likelihood ingrown hairs and severe razor burn.
  • Adjust to your unique skin and stubble type for a personalized experience. It shaves so comfortably it'll feel like it was designed exclusively for you.
  • Premium, rust-proof Swedish stainless steel blades guarantee your smoothest shave ever
  • Stops disposable waste. Comes with a recyclable blade safe for easy and safe disposal of used blades.

Set to the most popular Rockwell size (R1), the R1 provides an incredibly smooth shave for an unbelievable value.

This entry-level safety razor is sure to put you off cartridge razors for good so that you can finally get an excellent shave at an incredible value.

The Rockwell R1 uses Rockwell double-edge razor blades, but is compatible with any brand of double edge blades.

This precision shaving device features an impressive butterfly head that lets you load Rockwell Blades with ease, while our premium, Swedish Stainless Steel Blades guarantee any wet shaving beginner their most comfortable shave yet.

Comes with 5 Rockwell Swedish Stainless Steel Blades.

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