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Zero Waste Cartel

Hand-Stitched Sustainable Notebook

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For some of us - nothing beats putting pen to paper.

Despite all of the fancy note-taking apps that are available, there's something special about a pen, a notebook, some creamy white pages and a few moments of silence.

The problem we face is simple... cutting down trees for paper is bad. It's awful. An abomination.

Consider that 84% of the world's rainforests are already destroyed. Not cool. And it's almost impossible to justify using paper when sustainable options are at our fingertips.

So what should we do instead?

We decided to up-cycle what we have and make something unique and special.

Our sustainable notebooks are hand painted and hand stitched from discarded material (that would otherwise be rotting in landfill).

The front cover has an elegant and coarse texture made from recycled cotton (formerly in the waste basket of the textile industry).

The A5 pages are blank and made from 140 gsm recycled cartridge paper (from consumer waste).

To be clear, 140gsm is the weight of the paper - 140 grams per square metre. This is superb quality for a notebook.

As with all of our products, the goal here is to make your experience more enjoyable than the non-sustainable alternatives.

A delight to use and no trees abused.

To go one step further, the Zero Waste Cartel font on the cover is typed by an old vintage typewriter named Dorothy.

Because these sustainable notebooks are hand stitched - we can only offer a limited supply at any given time.

So if you like what you see, get one now to avoid painstaking regret ;)

P.S these make lovely gifts for a creative friend or an eco-friendly family member.


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You can dissolve the packing peanuts in a glass of water :)

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