Herbal Tea - Seed Kit



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Herbal Tea - Seed Kit

An Herbal Tea Garden seed kit, with everything you need to start your own flowering herb garden.  

Herbs can then be harvested for use in making herbal teas.  Not only are these plants perfect for making herbal tea, they also look lovely in the landscape.  

All varieties are drought tolerant, low-maintenance, and deer-resistant.

Kit includes:

  • 6 coco fiber pots
  • 6 expandable soil pellets
  • 6 wooden plant markers
  • 6 seed tins filled with seeds.  Varieties include: English Lavender, Bergamot, Echinacea, German Chamomile, Hyssop, and Lemon Mint.

Planting instructions are also included, and everything is packaged in a hand-stamped muslin bag (approx. 6×8″).


  • This kit makes it easy to start your own herbal tea garden – just add water to the soil pellet, wait until it expands, then add the seeds!
  • Mark each pot with label provided, and you should have little seedlings in approximately 7 -30 days (depending on temp. and type of seed).

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