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Organic Bamboo Toilet Paper - Plant Paper


Did you know that most tree-based toilet paper processing involves bleach, BPA, dyes, and formaldehyde, which can lead to maladies like UTIs, yeast infections, hemorrhoids and fissures?

If that's not bad enough - toilet-paper accounts for 27,000 trees flushed down our toilets every day, often harvested from one of the world's most important carbon sinks. Yikes.

It's time to say hello to tree-free, toxin-free Toilet Paper.

Toilet paper with organic, FSC Certified bamboo that is soft, strong and septic safe — without the use of harsh chemicals.

And unlike most TP available, PlantPaper is packaged completely plastic-free in our 100% recycled chipboard cartons.

  • Made from fast-growing, FSC-certified bamboo. Never from trees.
  • Stronger & more absorbent than standard toilet paper
  • Made entirely without the use of bleaching agents and other harmful chemicals.

Please note: This product ships directly from PlantPaper. Available to US customers only.