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SPF 30 | Reef Safe Sunscreen - Daily Lifestyle Pump by Raw Elements

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DID YOU KNOW... A harmful chemical is present in most of the mainstream sunscreen brands... 

The toxic chemical is called Oxybenzone - and it is killing our coral reefs.

Oxybenzone creates DNA damage in coral which exacerbates coral bleaching. It leads to the death of coral and ultimately the eco-systems which depend on the reef.

As you probably know, coral reefs are a food source to hundreds-of-millions of people around the world. 

They also provide jobs and income to local economies. 

Every year, between 4000 and 6000 tons of sunscreen enter coral reef areas.

To give you some idea... toxicity occurs at a concentration of 62 parts per trillion - that’s one drop of water in an olympic pool.

It's predicted that over 90% of our reefs will be dead by 2050.

While sunscreen isn't the only factor contributing to coral bleaching - we feel the responsible thing to do is to use an organic and reef safe sunscreen.

Our favourite organic reef safe sunscreen is Raw Elements.

Here's Why We Think You Will Absolutely Love Raw Elements Sunscreen:

  • It's made from certified USDA organic ingredients 
  • Made in Hawaii 
  • Created to protect your skin and save the environment
  • Certified natural
  • Packed with biologically active antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and extracts, it continues protecting your skin long after environmental exposure.

Product Highlights:

  • SPF 30 
  • Reef Safe
  • Water Resistant and moisturising 
  • Perfect for the family
  • Oxybenzone Free
  • Active Ingredient: Non Nano Zinc Oxide (20%)

The lightweight feel and ease of application make this sunscreen perfect for everyday use as well as water and sporting activities.

Shipping Details:

  • Shipped from Kentucky, USA
  • Shipping times are usually between 3-6 days inside the (USA)
  • Cost is $4.99 flat rate
  • Packaged in a 100% Compostable Mailer
  • International Shipping starts at $15 and usually takes 10-14 days
  • Sorry about the shipping costs - we're a small business and can't afford to offer free shipping like the mega corporations just yet :(

30-day-money-back-guarantee. As always, we guarantee quality - if you're not satisfied for any reason, let us know and we will issue a hassle free refund right away.

Our goal is to plant 20,000 trees in 2019...

When you buy from us we try to stretch your support as far as possible. With every purchase, we will plant a tree in your honor through our charity organisation. It's a proactive approach to planet restoration.

Thanks for you so much for your support.

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