Zero Waste Kitchen Kit [PLUS Pot Scraper & Toothbrushes]



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Zero Waste Kitchen Kit Deluxe With 2 Toothbrushes

Place hygiene and eco conscious living at the forefront of your home

The Zero Waste Kitchen Kit gives an eco friendly and effective clean. With four unique brush sizes for all dishes and utensils.

Boasting an elegant design with a tasteful bamboo finish, these brushes will add a wholesome pop to your bench top.

Packed in the USA and delivery to your door within 1 week.

This Zero Waste Kitchen Kit Includes 

  • 1x all-purpose long handed brush
  • 1x water bottle brush
  • 1x plant based sisal veggie cleaner
  • 1x plant based coconut veggie cleaner¬†
  • 1x cotton carry case

And you'll also get the following items free:

  • Bamboo pot scraper - to wipe all¬†the grease off your pots & pans
  • And¬†2¬†bamboo toothbrushes¬†to bring eco friendly warmth and hygiene to your bathroom !

With every sponge, toothbrush & plastic kitchen utensil to ever exist still sitting in landfill, (where they will stay for another 50,000 years) we think this decision is a big one. 

Even if it feels like a small swap. Small things make a big difference. If you don't think so, try sleeping with a mosquito in your room. 

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