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DIY Bin Bag: No More Plastic Trash Bags

Many household bins are lined with a bag. And sure, they’re convenient, but are they really necessary?

In the USA over 100 billion plastic bags are discarded yearly.

And we can bet your bottom-dollar that all these trash-bags are not getting recycled, they’re going straight to landfills.

Like any other plastic, trash-bags take 100s of years to break down, never actually biodegrading. And to make matters worse, plastic absorbs toxins as it ages, making them even more toxic to wildlife.

Eliminating plastic bags from our weekly shop has been a global movement. So let's try to eliminate them from our homes too!

There are a few ways you can eliminate plastic trash bags from your home.

  1. Ditch the bag completely, you don’t need one.
    If your bin gets yucky, just clean it! (may depend on your council’s requirements)

  2. Switch to compostable bags

  3. Make your own compostable bag out of newspaper

So how do you turn newspaper into a bag, you may ask?

Super simple origami, people!

We’ve created a tutorial for you below...

As we've had so many requests for DIY videos in our Facebook group, we've started a Zero Waste Cartel YouTube channel

We will be uploading tutorials, DIY videos, tips and hacks on our new YouTube channel, so make sure you subscribe!

Here’s to the wonders some simple folding can do!

Alice G
Alice is the Content Manager at Zero Waste Cartel. She's an environmental biologist, plant enthusiast & avid tea drinker.

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