About Us

Minimising waste and helping the environment should be fun.

We’ve all felt the fulfilment that comes with making a positive change.

It might be choosing to re-use something, instead of throwing it away.

Or focusing more on recycling.

Or it might be deciding to purchase biodegradable products that reduce unnecessary waste.

Whatever decisions you make, they should not only help the environment - but enrich your home and your heart.

We decided to create Zero Waste Cartel because we got greedy. We wanted more of that sense of fulfilment. More of that positive change. So we made it our mission to share knowledge and provide product options that help you cut down waste, enrich your home and provide you with that feeling of fulfilment.

Nobody is perfect, and it’s very difficult to live a completely Zero Waste lifestyle. But if we strive to come as close as possible, together we can make a difference.

Thanks for checking out our little site,

And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me at my personal account: Harriet@zerowastecartel.com



P.S David + Scotty say hello! :)

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