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DIY Halloween Hacks

October 31st…...probably one of the most fun days of the year, but also one of the most wasteful!

Millions of kids (and adults!) around the world take part in the spooktastic day of the year. And many traditions such as trick-or treating, dressing up and pumpkin carving are still followed to this day. 

Although it’s all fun and games, Halloween doesn’t come without it’s ‘dark side’

There are 3 major waste issues associated with Halloween

  1. Clothes waste

  2. Food waste

  3. Plastic waste

In 2018, $9 BILLION was spent on retail for Halloween, in the US alone.

That’s new costumes, decorations and candy, nearly all of which ends up in landfills...


Scary right?

We were spooked too!

But don’t worry, there are some easy steps you can take to minimise your waste this Halloween.

One of the simplest steps is either making your own candy, or buying plastic-free!

If you’re looking for more ways to go zero-waste this Halloween, we’ve created a FREE eBook for you!

Just click on the image below to download the free eBook, and have a ‘spooktacuar’ Halloween!

Statistics sourced from: The Balance

Alice G. 
Alice is the Content Manager at Zero Waste Cartel. She's an environmental biologist, plant enthusiast & avid tea drinker.

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