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About us

Our company is based in Australia, however we have warehouses in the USA. We are a small business created by 3 friends (2 Aussies and 1 Brit) trying to make a little difference :)

The majority of our products are made in the USA with local ingredients. However our bamboo products are sourced and produced in Bali and China.

We carefully select our overseas teams and only seek production from factory's with whom we have personal relationships with.

Our Bali products through Bare Vida support community workers with disabilities and are produced naturally without chemicals or the use of water (besides the local river).

Our China products are made from two specific manufacturers with whom we have a personal relationships with and consider close friends. The employees in these production factories are paid fairly as the factories are small and not under big corporate production stress.

In the USA, quality bamboo is hard to come by which makes it expensive. We tried very hard to make this a local operation, however we could not get our toothbrushes below $4 per brush (cost price). This made it commercially impossible to offer them to the majority of people.

Toothbrush questions

Our bristles are made of dental approved nylon 6. We consistently research and test new types of bristle material in search of a fully biodegradable option, but we have not yet found an alternative that has been approved by dental professionals. This is due to the alternative bristle material not being as effective in plaque removal and the avoidance of gum damage.

Until we find bristles that dentists can recommend, we feel like it's irresponsible to provide them to you. Oral hygiene is not something to mess around with. And dental bills can be very expensive.

We have multiple options of biodegradable bristles that we could sell but choose not to because of this reason. Hopefully soon we will have a plant based bristle that is backed by dentists. But until then, we feel this is the most responsible way forward.

It’s really important to us that our products work well so that people continue to use bamboo instead of plastic.

The beige and brown bristles are super soft and dentists love them.

The rainbow bristles are medium firmness, due to the food-grade dye which we use to color the bristles.

Bristles: Pluck the bristles out with tweezers, and then recycle the bristles in plastic recycling.

Because the bristles are so small and can get easily lost, we recommend first putting them inside another plastic item you are recycling, like food packaging, a bottle or carton, etc.

Handle: we recommend popping the handle in a bio-waste bin if you have one of these easily available. Alternatively, if you have a home composter, it should break down in around 4-6 months. To speed this process up break the toothbrush into smaller pieces by using a hammer or saw.

An industrial composter will take a few weeks to break down.

We sell our toothbrushes in packs of 10 so we can ship in bulk and cut down our carbon footprint. We offer a 30 day guarantee so if you don’t like your order, you can ship back to us and we’ll offer a full refund. It’s rare that people request a refund, so we’re happy to stand behind our product and refund you immediately if you don’t love them!

Packaging and Shipping

USA shipping is $5.99 and takes about 5 days to arrive except for Hawaii and Alaska. Unfortunately, we are charged international shipping to Hawaii and Alaska :(

International shipping is $20 and takes roughly 14-21 days.

Sorry about the shipping costs - we're a small business and can't afford to offer free shipping like the mega corporations just yet… hopefully soon!

All of the cardboard used in our packaging is made from 100% recycled materials.

The mailer you receive your package in is made from 100% compostable corn starch to protect your order while its in transit.

In the future we hope to provide a 100% recycled cardboard mailing box, but we haven’t got the weight right just yet.


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Wholesale & Partners

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We welcome you to reach out! We love partnering with companies who share our values and put a tremendous amount of care into their products and customers.

If this is you please get in touch at wholesale@zerowastecartel.com

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