Mission and Tree Planting

Wow - what a journey!

To think that Zero Waste Cartel started in 2018 with only $500.

Almost everybody we spoke to told us that we had no chance (in their own unique way).

Most said that we'd need $10,000 to start a business and even then we may not have enough.

Maybe we were a little naive in some regards but one thing we knew for sure is that we could build a community by putting you first.

The foundation of building our community was based on idea that if you treat people right, they will support you.

Transparency, compassion, and a focus on your customer satisfaction has always kept us moving in the right direction.

And it's humbling to say that to your credit - you've always supported us.

One of the first ideas we had back in 2018 was to plant a tree with every order.

We wanted to do more for you than just help you reduce plastic. We wanted to help you fight deforestation and climate change. Tree planting was a tangible way to record our impact.

Now after four-years of operating that seems like it was an ambitious goal.

If you've ever run a small business you know that you need every penny you can to keep the company growing and spreading your message.

But with the support of the community we grew into this dream.

So far we've planted over 70,000 trees!

If you'd told us in 2018, that one day we'd plant over 70,000 trees we wouldn't believe you.

So thank you for your support and allowing us to make as much impact as possible.

Some other things you've made happen:

- donated over $30,000 to wild fire relief funds in Australia

- enabled disability communities in developing countries

- reduce over 10 tonnes of plastic from supply chains

In 2022 tree planting has become a mainstream tactic for huge companies to "green wash"

It's lost it's emotional impact on most consumers because they've seen it often.

We're always on the look out for new ways to make a greater impact. So far tree planting continues to be the most impactful way that a small company like us can do two things at once - reduce waste, combat deforestation.

Our internal mission for 2022 and beyond are as follows:

1. Drastically improve the customer experience of our loyal community.

2. Make sustainable choices more accessible to the mainstream public.

3. Provide educational content at scale for free

This requires time, effort, and resources.

If you'd like to help support us please enjoy browsing our store and subscribing to the email below.

It's truly a pleasure to wake up each morning and fight for what you believe in!

Harri <3