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Bamboo Toothbrush Case

The Bamboo Toothbrush Case - keeps your toothbrush clean from gunk and bacteria so that it lasts longer.

No one wants to “clean” their teeth with a brush clogged with nasty germs.

Dentists recommend you switch your brush every two months due to the natural buildup of bacteria. So it's a good idea to protect it as much as possible.

The bamboo toothbrush case is the perfect BFF for a brush in transit or storage.

It’s ultra lightweight so you won’t notice it’s in your bag. It boasts a strong flexi-build so it can withstand bumps and bruises that unavoidably occur during travel.

The smooth finish makes it feel great in your hands and easy on your eyes. And the air tight cap ensures your brush is protected from dust and dirt.

Also... did you know that bamboo is kind of magic? It produces antibacterial properties naturally.

The Bamboo Toothbrush Case is a great eco-friendly substitute to traditional cases - and helps you avoid plastic, cling wrap or ziplock bags.

It's also great for campers, travellers, business trips, slumber parties…. or anything else you can think of that requires an overnight stay.

Product Details

  • 7inch/18cm length - perfectly fits your bamboo toothbrush
  • Made from sustainably harvested bamboo
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Strong Flexi-build to withstand knocks during travel
  • Closes tight for maximum dust protection
  • Makes a great gift for any eco friendly traveler

Shipping Details:

  • Shipped from Kentucky, USA
  • Shipping times are usually between 3-6 days inside the (USA)
  • Cost is $4.99 flat rate
  • Packaged in a 100% Compostable Mailer
  • International Shipping starts at $15 and usually takes 10-14 days
  • Sorry about the shipping costs - we're a small business and can't afford to offer free shipping like the mega corporations just yet :(

30-day-money-back-guarantee. As always, we guarantee quality - if you're not satisfied for any reason, let us know and we will issue a hassle free refund right away.

Buy multiple sets and save!

Our goal is to plant 20,000 trees in 2019...

When you buy from us we try to stretch your support as far as possible. With every purchase, we will plant a tree in your honor through our charity organisation. It's a proactive approach to planet restoration.

Thanks for you so much for your support.

P.S Last time we sold out of these cases within less than 3-weeks so pre-order now to avoid missing out.

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