Purple Shampoo & Conditioner Bars - for Blond & Gray Hair



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Purple Rain - Shampoo & Conditioner Bundle | Humby Organics

Let's kiss brassiness goodbye!

Purple Rain is made specifically for blond and gray hair.

As we know lighter hair needs more protection. Purple Rain is made to protect you from environmental and chemical damage.

Environment damage = UV rays, pollution & hard water

Chemical damage = Sulphates, Parabens, moisture loss from color treatment

All of these are an atrocity for light colored hair and brassiness.

The key to avoid damage is protection and nourishment. Which is why we've formulated Purple Rain with the following ingredients for healthy color, shine strength and volume.

  • Acai oil - natural purple color correct brassy undertones
  • Aloe - healthy fats promote a shiny glow
  • Vitamin B - increases strength and moisture
  • Coconut oil - promotes growth for thickness
  • Cocoa butter - coats hair follicles to protect color-treated hair

Best of all, purple rain fills your bathroom with a subtle and sweet berry fragrance.

P.S These bars are perfectly suited for brunette and redheads. But we made them by request from our light-haired community. Whether you have grey hair, blond hair, red hair, or brown hair - these bars are packed with vitamins and oils to make them great for everyone.

These bars should last between 75-90 washes. (Although we've had some customers tell us they have lasted over a year!)

To preserve their lifeline, we recommend pairing with a Shampoo Bar Tray so that it dries properly in-between washes.

What you should know about our bars =)

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