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Zero Waste Gift Ideas for Men

In my experience, men can be difficult to buy for. 

Every year I ask my partner "what do you want for Christmas" and every year he replies "hmmm nothing". 

I take this lacklustre response as a challenge. Mostly because I enjoy the smugness of knowing I nailed the Christmas presents. 

Which is exactly what this sustainable gift guide is about. 

Ensuring you get something sustainable, thoughtful, practical and unique. 

I started this list looking for inspiration on what to get my partner but you'll find it's perfect for anyone. 💕.

The perfect stocking filler. Two times a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, there's no question with this gift, your loved are sure to use them. 

A unique way of giving something practical yet thoughtful. 

One pack of 10 will last one person the whole year or your can divide them up as individual presents. Each brush comes in a separate cardboard box and all together they cost $14.95.

Compostable floss makes a great stocking-filler! 

It adds a little bit of personality to an often boring essential making it a perfect Christmas gift. Plus it doesn't break easily like silk floss and comes with a lovely glass jar. 

Toothpaste bites use less water than traditional toothpaste, and replace plastic-tubes. 

They are a great gift to introduce zero-waste living to a skeptical family member as they have a fresh minty taste and always spark interest among non zero wasters who haven't heard of them before.

You can get toothpaste bites with fluoride here or without fluoride here.

We've had multiple female customers tell us that their partners have been using their shampoo bars because "they smelled so good!" 

So we launched a special shampoo and conditioner bar bundle for men

It has a soft scent of men's cologne (with the earthy undertones of peppermint and lavender) and will leave the hair silky soft and smooth too. 

An ideal gift for any guy plus an ideal gift for you because the man in your life will smell amazing all day long 💕. 

Upgrading from your plastic razor feels good. 

Firstly, because you stop contributing to the 2 billion plastic razors thrown out every year. 

Secondly - the weight, the shave, and feel is just so much better. 

The razor feels luxurious and saves your loved ones from the $111 spent yearly on disposable razors. 

This safety razor lasts a lifetime and only requires switching the blades. 

To really make this gift special you can get the sustainable shaving kit which includes a high quality safety razor, replaceable blades, natural loofah, natural soap bar, and a hand-carved soap dish too! All luxury with zero plastic.

Got someone in your life who's always on the move?

These bamboo towels make travel easy. They dry 2x faster than microfiber towels & absorb 3x more water. 

If that's not enough, they come with a carabiner so you can take it traveling & clip it wherever you want. 

100,000 Microfiber towels are sold on Amazon every month making them the most common outdoor towel. Yet most people don't know they are made entirely from plastic. 

This gift will make your loved one feel good about their environmental impact. Plus they will think of you when they are out exploring the world.

These bamboo cotton swabs are a premium upgrade to an everyday useful household item. 

You don't have to worry about them going to waste, plus you might find your giftee is intrigued about the materials and sustainable aspect too. 

They come in a large matchstick box so you can gift them with eco pride.

You could even pair with a storage container, made from recycled glass with a thick cork lid (above).

We all have that friend who appreciates handwritten notes and physical paper more than anything. 

Despite all of the note-taking apps, there's something special about a pen, a notebook, some pages and a moment of silence. 

These sustainable notebooks are hand painted and stitched from discarded material (that would otherwise go to landfill).


Christmas is a holiday that can be swept up in plastic bows & presents. 

We hope this list gives your loved ones maximum cheer and our planet zero waste. 

Whether your friends & family are zero wasters or not, everyone will appreciate these thoughtful gifts. 

Merry Christmas from us  💕

Writer, baker, and lover of nature.

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