Shampoo Bars For Grey Hair



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The Best Shampoo Bars For Grey Hair

If you're frustrated by thinning, breakage, frizz or other mature hair problems  - these shampoo bars will replenish the health of your grey hair.

These shampoo bars contain:

  • Cocoa Butter- coats, strengthens  and protects for less breakage
  • Coconut Oil- promotes a healthy scalp for growth and volume 
  • Coco Sulfate - gently cleans without SLS detergents. Extremely important for caring for gray hair.
  • Vitamin E- rejuvenates moisture for thicker hair
  • Vitamin C- boosts collagen to strengthen roots giving you a healthier texture and protects from U.V rays which cause brassiness.

These bars are handmade in the USA and have been tirelessly perfected over 7 years.


We know trying a new hair-care product is daunting so we offer a full money back guarantee. If you're not happy we will give you an instant refund.