Shampoo Bars For Frizzy Hair



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Shampoo & Conditioner Bars For Frizzy Hair 

We know how annoying frizzy hair can be.

Frizzy hair can happen for many reasons; humidity in the air, using shampoos which contain sulfates or alcohol, and too much heat - from hot water, blow drying, and styling.

To reduce frizziness, you need extra nourishing and moisturizing products for your hair.

Our shampoo and conditioner bars are free from chemicals, SLS, alcohol, and parabens.

They are packed with vitamins, minerals and beneficial oils to add moisture and reduce your frizz.

You can also use a conditioner bar as a leave-in and further reduce frizz...

To do this, after you've washed your hair (and before it's dry), just rub a little bit of your conditioner bar all over your hair.

Here are our favorite bars for frizzy hair...