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These shampoo bars are perfect for colored hair.

Most standard liquid shampoo contains a high proportion of water and feature first on the ingredients list. This is actually detrimental to color-treated hair. 

These bars do not strip the color from hair... by contrast - the all-natural ingredients are super moisturizing, and help to add a wonderful & smooth shine to the hair follicles. 

These shampoo bars contain Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil - both of which moisturize the hair and nourish the scalp. These two ingredients help to protect the colored hair from losing the color too fast.

How do they work?

The cocoa butter and coconut oil coats each strand of hair, and prevent water from entering each individual shaft and drawing out the color molecules.

Water itself is detrimental for color-treated hair because it easily enters into the hair shaft, swells it up, and then comes back out, carrying the hair dye molecules with it. 

During the washing process with the shampoo bar, the coconut oil and cocoa butter stop most of the water from entering, therefore keeping the dye molecule intact.

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